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Cook Meal & Dry Ration

In a widespread disaster, a Divisional Secretary may, at his discretion, provide cooked meals for a maximum period of three (03) days and if this period requires to be extended, approval of the District Secretary of the relevant district should be obtained to extend up to another four (04) days. For this, expenses may be incurred at the rate of Rs. 300/- per day.

Dry rations are provided when the displaced persons are able to prepare their meals themselves. The Divisional Secretary should make proper arrangement to identify the genuine cases of affected people  in providing dry rations.

A Divisional Secretary can issue dry rations for a period of seven (07) days  and if the period is to be extended, the approval of the District Secretary of the relevant district should be obtained to extend up to another seven (07) days. The value of dry rations is determined in terms of money and food stuffs commensurable with its value should be obtained from the Co-operative Societies.

The Rations for one week:
  • Maximum for a single person - Rs. 900/-
  • Maximum for a family with 2 members - Rs. 1200/-
  • Maximum for a family with 3 members - Rs. 1400/-
  • Maximum for a family with 4 members - Rs. 1600/-
  • Maximum for a family with 5 or more members - Rs. 1800/-

There is no need of providing a week's dry rations all in a day and this could be done in 02, 03, 04 or 05 days etc. considering the nature of the disaster.


Drinking Water

Distribution of drinking water should be initiated only in the areas where drinking water is unavailable, and cannot be obtained from any other water source, and the distribution should be done according to a specific time schedule.


Minor Mitigation Programmes - Implementing drought mitigation programmes

NDRSC has implemented rain water harvesting programme to mitigate drought impacts in selected three divisional secretariat divisions in Anuradharapura District. Rs. 6 Mn. has been allocated for this project and 98 families have been benefited. It has completed and commissioned along with Dayata Kirulla - 2012.

NDRSC has distributed Sprinkler Water System worth of Rs. 1.2 Mn per system, donated by the Chinese Government for the benefit of drought prone farmers in Ampara, Batticaloa, Rathnapura, Hambanthota, Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Matara, Monaragala, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa, Mannar, Mullaitivu, Jaffna, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi, Trincomalee and Matale districts. 222 farmer’s Organizations have been benefitted.


Death Compensation

A Relief Assistance to cover funeral expenses amounting to Rs. 15,000/- may be paid to the closest next of kin of the deceased, if his death occurred as a result of any disaster and the family members are unable to meet the funeral expenses.



A payment can be made to a maximum of Rs.10,000/= for injuries sustained in a disaster for medical treatment. This payment should not be made when medical treatment is received from a government hospital. It is more appropriate to pay the full amount to obtain treatment for njuries of serious nature and when payments are made for other injuries, it is more appropriate to stick to the limit of Rs.5000/-. The amount to be paid should be decided based on medical reports and prescriptions.



Dry Ration for dependents of Missing Fishermen at sea

The Divisional Secretary should forward the details of distressed families with the recommendation of the District Secretary to the Director General, Fisheries. Allocations will be released to the District Secretary by the Director once such requests are.

received with the recommendation of the Director General, Fisheries. A fisherman's family in distress will be given dry rations for a period of three months.


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